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The Amazing Spiderman 2 PC Game – Free Download Full Version

The Amazing Spiderman 2 PC Game

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Pc Game is an open world action-adventure video game based on Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, and is a sequel to 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. It was developed by the Beenox and published by Activision, who lastly developed Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man: Edge of the Time, and its recent successor, The Amazing Spider-Man. It is loosely based on 2014 film of the same name.

Plot After Dennis Carradine, a man who murdered Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, is murdered by the serial killer known as the “Carnage Killer,” Peter Parker also known as vigilante Spider-Man decides to track down Carradine’s killer & bring him to Ravencroft, a prison for criminally insane. Oscorp CEO Harry Osborn & billionaire Wilson Fisk declare that their companies are working together to fund the Enhanced the Crime Task Force, a privatized police force meant to contain criminals & Spider-Man, following an attack on Oscorp Tower by the Herman Shultz (one of Carradine’s contractor whom Spider-Man encountered previous to Herman became Shocker). When Fisk offers to take Oscorp off of the Harry’s hands, Harry rebuffs him. Fisk then decides to wait until Harry dies from \disease that killed Harry’s father, Norman Osborn.

Meanwhile, Spider Man is met by the man named Kraven, who came to New York City in an attempt to hunt & kill all of Oscorp’s cross-species experiments. Kraven offers Peter a chance to work as his protege. Peter accepts & the two work together to find Carnage Killer. Peter ultimately manages to get a description of Carnage Killer. He uses it & a map, which he took from a Russian hideout, to track him down, with the help of the Kraven. They find the killer who exposes himself as Cletus Kasady. Spider-Man & Kasady fight, and Kasady is defeated. Peter declines to kill Kasady, after Kraven urges him to. Kasady is apprehended by the police & taken to Ravencroft where he meets Harry Osborn’s assistant Donald Menken. Kasady is then tested on with a symbiotic red liquid code-named Venom, which was originally meant to cure the Norman Osborn’s disease.

╼ Screenshots ╾

The Amazing Spiderman 2The Amazing Spiderman 2The Amazing Spiderman 2The Amazing Spiderman 2

╼ System Requirements Minimum ╾

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 G Hz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
RAM: 3GB at least
OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) / Vista (service Pack 2) /7 / 8 / 8.1
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 285 G TX / AMD Radeon HD4830, or any other Direct X 9.0 compliant with Pixel Shader 3
HDD: at least 9 GB

╼ Installation Instructions ╾

Download the archive from download link given below.
Right click on the “part1.rar” file and click on “Extract here”. All other parts will be extracted easily.
You need WinRAR installed on your pc to do it.
If it asks for the password, use GameHackCentral.com as password.
Once extracted, Double click on the Setup.exe to install the game.
Once installed, open the folder named “Crack” and copy all the files from there and paste them into the directory where you have installed the game. For
example if you have installed game in “My Computer ⟶ Local Disk C ⟶ Program files ⟶ The Amazing SpiderMan 2” then paste those files in this directory.
Click on replace if it asks for it.
Start the game via file you have just pasted.


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